5 Star Maui Current Weather

If you are planning your next vacation to Maui, and you plan to book your stay with 5 Star Maui Resorts you might be wondering what time of the year is best when it comes to the weather. The good news is that there really is never a bad time to visit Hawaii as the weather is lovely year-round. As indicated by the chart below, you can expect high temperatures that average in the 80s and can expect lows in the 70s. However, there can be exceptions to the rule depending on where you travel.

Month Average High Average Low Average Rainfall
January 81 70 2.87"
February 80 69 1.96"
March 81 70 2.45"
April 82 71 1.55"
May 82 72 0.74"
June 83 74 0.20"
July 84 75 0.50"
August 87 77 0.50"
September 86 76 0.38"
October 84 75 1.20"
November 82 73 2.20"
December 81 71 3.35"

If you are planning on driving to the top of Haleakala to view the sunrise, note that you will want to bring a jacket. Because of the altitude, 10,000 ft. plus, the average high temperature is 62.8 degrees and the average low is 45.5, according to data from the U.S. Climate Data website.

There can also be huge variances in rainfall amounts on the island. While the island wide average is in the neighborhood of 1.5 inches per month, areas such as Hana average more than 6 inches of rain per month. Even with the higher rainfall amounts, in most cases, these come in the form of pop-up showers so even if it does rain, the chances that it will last long are not great.